Practicar Inglés en Dehesa Vieja

Estos coloquios se realizan con la idea de practicar el inglés y de acercarnos a todos al aprendizaje de este idioma. Esta actividad no tendrá ningún coste mas que tu esfuerzo en venir y compartir tus ideas.

Ven y participa.

Debate en Inglés: Brexit 20th January Dehesa Vieja. --Suspendido--


Este viernes está cerrado el centro cívico por fiiesta en SanSe, no nos dimos cuenta y convocamos el coloquio, lo siento mucho. Tendrá que ser el próximo viernes 

Como siempre, os invitamos a participar en el coloquio en inglés en el centro cívico. La idea de estos coloquios es practicar nuestro inglés con gente de diferentes niveles e intentar soltarnos. No hay requisitos ni obligaciones, solo participar en la medida que se pueda y se quiera. 

Os dejamos unos enlaces más abajo para que podais preparar el coloquio y que podáis venir con una opinión formada del tema que vamos a hablar. Por este motivo todo los temas los ponemos en inglés para que tengamos los conceptos preparados en el idioma en el que vamos a hablar.

Debate places


The UK, EU and Brexit: Who wins and who loses?, How Europe should respond to Brexit?

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Brexit related vocabulary (Jaime's compilation)

On Politics

  • a manifesto = a public declaration of policy promises
  • backbenchers = senior members of a political party who are not in cabinet positions but who have a lot of influence over the general direction of the party
  • rhetoric = persuasive language or persuasive speaking.

On People

  • Eurosceptics / a sceptic / to be sceptical of something (in North American English it’s skeptic)
  • Brexiteers
  • proponent / supporter of the EU
  • proponents / supporters of the leave campaign
  • opponents those who are for or against
  • politicians / politics / political / policy
  • bureaucrats / bureaucracy / bureaucratic / red tape

On Legal Details

  • a treaty / treaties = agreements between nations which are formally concluded and ratified
  • laws / legislation / controls / rules
  • regulations – binding, must be directly applied as law
  • directives – set binding goals which must be achieved, but it’s up to the nation state to enact their own laws
  • to comply with regulations / to be subject to regulations
  • the Working Time Directive
  • to opt-out of something
  • to opt-into something
  • to get concessions / to make concessions


On Economics / Finance

  • The budget = an annual estimate of revenue and spending (it’s basically a spending plan)
  • to contribute / to make contributions
  • EU spending (it goes mainly on creating economic and social cohesion in the region),
  • net / gross contribution
  • rebate
  • Eurozone
  • currency fluctuation

* There are more financial terms, like risk, confidence, investment and so on, which I’ve put into the next category


Trade / Investment

  • free trade
  • trade agreements
  • a free trade block
  • goods, services and people
  • tariffs (tariffs are imposed on exports and imports)
  • manufacturers
  • the gateway to Europe
  • risk
  • confidence
  • investments
  • finance
  • hedge-funds
  • a tax haven
  • a safe haven


  • the workforce
  • the welfare state
  • benefits
  • housing
  • education
  • the NHS
  • unemployment
  • illegal immigrants
  • economic migrants
  • open door policy
  • security
  • intelligence networks
  • home-grown terrorism


  • referendum (pl. referendums / referenda) = a vote by the electorate on a single question.
  • to call a referendum / to hold a referendum / to put something to a referendum
  • sovereignty = the authority of a state to govern itself, supreme power, independence
  • have sovereignty / give up sovereignty / claim sovereignty / undermine sovereignty / a loss of sovereignty
    • adj = sovereign, e.g. a sovereign nation, sovereign debt
  • democratic / undemocratic / anti-democratic / democratic deficit
  • Bureaucracy / bureaucrats / bureaucratic
  • Unelected” bureaucrats who aren’t elected. 
  • elected representatives
  • member status
  • to ensure social and economic stability

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