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Estos coloquios se realizan con la idea de practicar el inglés y de acercarnos a todos al aprendizaje de este idioma. Esta actividad no tendrá ningún coste mas que tu esfuerzo en venir y compartir tus ideas.

Ven y participa.

Debate en Inglés: Incineration 3rd February Dehesa Vieja


Como siempre, os invitamos a participar en el coloquio en inglés en el centro cívico. La idea de estos coloquios es practicar nuestro inglés con gente de diferentes niveles e intentar soltarnos. No hay requisitos ni obligaciones, solo participar en la medida que se pueda y se quiera. 

Os dejamos unos enlaces más abajo para que podais preparar el coloquio y que podáis venir con una opinión formada del tema que vamos a hablar. Por este motivo todo los temas los ponemos en inglés para que tengamos los conceptos preparados en el idioma en el que vamos a hablar.

Debate places

Incineration - Ways of burning

Spain turns back on burials as cremations gain ground

Incineration is an increasingly popular option but the pope’s ban on scattering ashes raises issues

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Incineration and Ways of burning related vocabulary (Jaime's compilation)

NOTE : On this occasion I show the meaning in Spanish, given the similarity of some terms.

NOTA: En esta ocasión muestro el significado en español, dado la similitud de algunos términos

to incinerate verb (used with object), incinerated, incinerating =  

to burn or reduce to ashes; cremate * incinerar

  • Ashes the substance that remains after a person’s body has been cremated (=burned after death) * Cenizas
  • burn: be on fire. *quemar
    Help! My house is burning!
  • catch fire: start burning.* incendiar / prender
    Help! My house has caught fire!
  • flicker: burn unsteadily. * Parpadeo
    The candle flickered in the wind.
  • smoulder: burn slowly without flames. *Ardiente
    The cigarette smouldered in the ashtray.
  • flare: burn brightly but unsteadily or briefly.* Llamarada
    The match flared in the darkness.
  • flame: burn in flames. *Llama
    The fire flamed up when he put oil on it.
  • burst into flames: suddenly start to burn very strongly. * estallar en llamas
    The oil truck crashed and burst into flames.
  • blaze: burn brightly and fiercely. *Resplandor
    When the firemen arrived, the whole house was blazing.
  • rage: burn very strongly. * rabia
    The fire raged through the forest for days.
  • incinerate: burn something completely to ashes. * incinerar
    All the infected clothes were incinerated.
  • smoke: give out smoke. * humear / fumar
    The fireplace smokes too much.
  • brand: burn a mark on something. * Marca
    Cattle are usually brandred on big farms.
  • scorch: burn or discolour a surface by dry heat. *Quemar
    She scorched my shirt when she was ironing it.
  • sear: burn something with a sudden powerful heat. * abrasar
    The heat seared his skin.
  • singe: burn the surface of something slightly. * chamuscar
    The flames had singed his hair.
  • char: burn something so that its outside becomes black. *carbonizarse
    Roast the peppers until the skin begins to char.
  • cremate: burn the body of a dead person at a funeral ceremony. *incinerar
    Before a dead person is cremated, an authorization must be obtained.
  • scattering ashes Spread the ashes of an incinerated body * esparcimiento
  • cremains ashes that are left after cremation * cenizas que quedan después de la cremación
  • cremation (noun) *Cremación

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