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Estos coloquios se realizan con la idea de practicar el inglés y de acercarnos a todos al aprendizaje de este idioma. Esta actividad no tendrá ningún coste mas que tu esfuerzo en venir y compartir tus ideas.

Ven y participa.

Debate en Inglés: Legalization of Drugs 10th March Dehesa Vieja

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Como siempre, os invitamos a participar en el coloquio en inglés en el centro cívico. La idea de estos coloquios es practicar nuestro inglés con gente de diferentes niveles e intentar soltarnos. No hay requisitos ni obligaciones, solo participar en la medida que se pueda y se quiera. 

Os dejamos unos enlaces más abajo para que podais preparar el coloquio y que podáis venir con una opinión formada del tema que vamos a hablar. Por este motivo todo los temas los ponemos en inglés para que tengamos los conceptos preparados en el idioma en el que vamos a hablar.


El coloquio es completamente gratuito pero necesitamos llevar una gestión de asistentes, por favor inscribios en este enlace: 

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Legalization of drugs

Do you think that this will resolve the real issues?

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 Related vocabulary (Jaime's compilation)

A drug is any substance (other than food that provides nutritional support) that, when inhaled, injected, smoked, consumed, absorbed via a patch on the skin, or dissolved under the tongue, causes a physiological change in the body,

altering perception, mood or consciousness

addictive   noun   adictivo a physical or psychological craving for higher and higher doses of a drug

allergic reaction     Reacción alergica   an unusual sensitivity to a legal drug that can be very dangerous

analgesics   noun   Analgésicos medicines that relieve pain

antibiotics   noun   Antibióticos medicines that kill bacteria

civil penalties Sanciones civiles Civil sanctions

cocaine   noun   cocaína illegal drug that is a stimulant. It increases blood pressure. The user is first excited, then anxious and depressed

Drug addiction Drogadicción the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

dependance      Dependencia  another word for addiction

depressant   depresivo drug that slows down the nervous system and the body's functions

designer drugs    noun  drogas de diseño  drugs made from changes to existing drugs by drug dealers

drug abuse    abuso de drogas  intententionally misuse drugs of any kind for nonmedical purposes

drug misuse    Abuso de drogas    the accidental and incorrect use of a prescription or OTC drug

drugs   noun    Drogas chemical substances that cause changes (physical or emotional) in an individual

effective   adjective    eficaz /efectivo being able to produce a desired outcome

euphoria   noun   euforia feeling of intense happiness and well-being

experimentation   experimentación to try; uusally the first step in drug use and forming an addiction

flashback   noun    escena retrospectiva A sudden hallucination a person has long after having used a hallucinogenic drug

hallucinogens    noun    Alucinógenos drugs that cause hallucinations (sights and sounds that aren't really there). LSD and angel dust are examples

illegal   adjective  ilegal  It is not allowed by law

inhale   verb   inhalar to take air into the lungs by breathing

inhibitions    Inhibiciones Personality elements that stop a person from behaving badly without regard for possible consequences

legal   adjective    legal allowed by the rules or laws. To legalise (verb)

lenient penalties Sanciones leves Minor sanctions

marijuana   noun    marijuana Drug that has some features of both depressants and stimulants. THC is its active ingredient

medicine   noun    medicina drug used to prevent, treat, or cure an illness or pain

motivation   noun   motivación A inner desire to work hard and achieve a goal

narcotics   noun    Narcóticos depressant drugs made from opium;(like heroin)

oral   noun,adjective    oral taking anything into the body through the mouth

over-the-counter    noun   en el mostrador medicine that can be purchased without a doctor's note

overdose  sobredosis taking too much of a drug which cause death

perception   noun   percepción how a person perceives something

pharmacy   noun   farmacia store to buy medicine

prescription   noun   prescripción/receta  written order by a doctor for a specific medicine for a specific person

side effect  efecto secundario any reaction to a medicine other than the one intended

stimulant   estimulante a substance that speeds up the activity of the body and nervous system

tolerance   noun    tolerancia A condition in which the body becomes used to a substance requiring the user to need more and more to get a desired effect. To tolerate (verb)

topical  application adjective   aplicación tópica applied to the surface of the skin

toxic   adjective   tóxico hazardous or poisonous substance that can injure living tissue

vaccines   Vacunas a substance containiong dead or weakened germs that is put into the body to help it develop immunity to a disease

vices / Vicios bad or unhealthy habits and behaviour

withdrawal   noun  retirada  Unpleasant reactions that occur when a person who is physically dependent on a drug no longer takes it.


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